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With NEUROSPORT™ We Help You to Combine Proven Mental Science and Athletic Training to Become a More Complete Athlete.


  • is Scientific Insight on Physical and Mental Strengths and Weaknesses
  • is Consistent Performance Under Pressure
  • Removes Mental Blocks
  • Maintains Mental Toughness
  • Develops a Complete Athlete

More NEUROSPORT ™ Services:

  • Mental Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Create Consistent Performance
  • Improve Mental Competitive Advantage
  • Achieve Your Peak Performance
  • Take Game to the Next level
  • Achieve Goals and Objectives
  • Pinpoint Innate Physical and Mental Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Wonderlic Training
  • Media/Scout Interview Training
  • Career Coaching - Discover What Your Innately Wired to do
  • Injury-Recovery Performance Enhancement
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Individual/Marital/Partner Counseling
  • Eating Disorder Evaluations and Treatment
  • Obesity Issues
  • Addiction and Substance Abuse Issues



  • Serious science with real results
  • Understand how you are wired to excel at a sport and
  • a position within the sport based on your innate mental preferences
  • Experience more fun with a sport you are mental designed to play
  • Research shows personality trait science is valid & reliable
  • Customize physical and mental training
  • Maximize physical and mental strengths
  • Develop physical and mental weaknesses
  • Communicate more effectively with coaches/parents
  • Effectively deal with pressure & mental blocks 


Easy 3-Step Process:

  1. Interview
  2. MBTI online assessment
  3. Written questionnaire

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Phone: 214-543-4108

Address: 2770 Main Street, Suite 154 Frisco, TX 75033

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